Posted by: Site Administrator | September 17, 2010

Letter of Notice to Leon County Commissioners

May 26, 2010

Dear Commissioners Rackleff, Dailey & Sauls:

In light of last night’s 5 to 2 decision to revert back to the previous Mosquito Control policy and implementation procedures, it is now clear that Leon County’s superficial initiative toward a “green & clean” agenda is a mere marketing campaign – all form, no substance.  The true irony of this story was the time spent earlier in the same BOCC Meeting commending all the apparent Leon County Sustainable Initiatives.  How, pray tell, do you intend to reconcile this, and greenwash the aerosol dumping of highly toxic and harmful insecticides throughout residential subdivisions all over the County, especially when extremely ill residents have alerted the County to the life-threatening ailments that can be aggravated by such toxic exposures?

For the record, we are putting the Leon County Commission and Administration on official notice:  The County Commissioners and Staff who willfully and knowingly endanger the lives of those whose medical and health conditions put them at great medical risk, to include anaphylactic shock, which can cause death in the absence of expeditious and competent medical intervention, will be held personally accountable for their actions, as well as inaction.  

The government, be they city, county, state or federal, does not possess the legal right, statutory power or legitimate authority to poison citizens or property against their wishes.  When they exercise such power, it is only because it has illegally arrogated it unto itself.  And to do so constitutes a criminal act, be it chemical assault or chemical trespass.  Where death does occur, as a direct result of government policy and implementation in this regard, it is properly known as murder by the State, particularly when the appropriate government officials have been duly notified in advance of this potential consequence.

For the record we will be adding to the following list of names those Leon County and State of Florida government authorities and employees who engage in conduct, either directly or indirectly, that contributes to the disease or death of any individual residing in this County due to the cavalier and unlawful administration of this program.  For your information, we will hold the following Leon County Commissioners and State employee directly responsible for reckless endangerment, criminal negligence, malfeasance, chemical assault/trespass among other serious breaches of the law, should this program be reinstituted per last night’s vote. 

1. Commissioner Bob Rackleff
2. Commissioner John Dailey
3. Commissioner Janes Sauls
4. Mike Page, FL  Bureau Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control

Furthermore, on the civil side, we fully understand that each successful plaintiff will be compensated for damages up to $100,000 for each personal injury filing.  A class action suit is also being considered as we meet with the 350 plus individuals currently on the “No Spray” list, as well as the many residents who are presently signing up.  FYI, 350 times $100,000 equals $35,000,000 and does not include the cost of litigation to the County.

Should you wish to further address this matter before we take the appropriate legal actions, you may reach us at (850) 671-1444.  

Very sincerely,

Board of Directors

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