Posted by: Site Administrator | September 17, 2010

Letter of Notice to the Leon County Government

June 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Alam & Mr. Thiele:

Please find attached a letter of Notification from Leon County Mosquito Control indicating an intention to spray Sumerlin Drive this Friday evening, June 4.

Leon County Administration has been put on notice several times regarding a number of residents in this subdivision who have medical conditions, which put them at great risk due to the implementation of this harmful street-spraying regime. You have in your possession documents from medical personnel, which clearly demonstrate the life-threatening medical events that can result from indiscriminately fogging our street with ANVIL, a synthetic pyrethroid and known endocrine disruptor.

In light of this documentation, as well as a recently submitted notice to file suit against the County and her agents, we hereby add the following individuals to our list of Leon County employees who will be held personally responsibly for any harm or deaths directly attributed to future street spraying. Leon County has been put on notice on many occasions about the unlawful spraying of these toxic aerosols on the properties of homeowners who have no tolerance to both the killing agents and the inert ingredients. The Leon County Commission and Staff is in receipt of copious amounts of supporting evidence directly linking various medical crises and health emergencies to these dangerous insecticides.

After a twenty years attempt to educate and inform this County about these grave matters, there are many that have developed the perception that this County operates quite like Nazi Germany. Orders are given from on high to poison the public, and there are many who dutifully execute them regardless of the effects on the citizenry. What many find so shocking is the callous disregard for human life, especially the young children the elderly and the sick, who are the most vulnerable to these noxious chemicals.

Yours is a regime of chemical tyranny that will remembered for its heartlessness and cruelty to those who have effectively have no voice in the public discourse. And when they do speak, they are shouted over by the chemical company lobbyists who effectively run these mosquito control programs around the State of Florida. Many of us are now aware that, were it not for the likes of Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Ciba Geigy et al, whose continued revenue streams are quite dependent on these countywide programs across the country, we would have thrown off this yoke of environmental contamination years ago.

As stated in our previous notice of intent to file suit: “we will hold the following Leon County employees directly responsible for reckless endangerment, criminal negligence, malfeasance, chemical assault/trespass among other serious breaches of the law” as this program continues to assault its taxpaying citizens.

1. Parez Alam, County Administrator
2. Herb Thiele, County Attorney

Very sincerely,

Board of Directors

Cc: The Honorable Bill Nelson
The Honorable George LeMieux
Governor Charlie Crist
Senator Jeff Atwater
Representative Larry Cretul
Jeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor
Robert Wheeler, General Counsel
Kathy Mears, Deputy Chief of Staff
Melinda Miguel, Chief Inspector General
Pat Gleason, Special Counsel for Open Government
Warren Davis, Director of Citizens Services
Michael W. Sole, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Charles H. Bronson, Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture
Ana M. Viamonte Ross, State Surgeon General, Florida Department of Health
Editor, The Gainesville Sun
Editor, Tallahassee Democrat
Editor, Miami Herald
Editor, St. Petersburg Times
Editor, Orlando Sentinel
Editor, Palm Beach Post
Editor, Florida Times Union
Editor, Tallahassee Democrat
Editor, Pensacola News Journal
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Of Counsel, Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, P.A.
Florida League of Conservation Voters
Environmental Alliance of North Florida
Floridians Against Incinerators In Disguise
HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment)
Healthcare Professionals for Clean Environment
No Spray Coalition
Concerned Citizens of Leon County
Concerned Citizens of Jefferson County
Concerned Citizens of Gadsden County
Concerned Citizens of Wakulla County
Concerned Citizens of Florida

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