Who are we and What is our purpose?

RE: The BP Oil Volcano and its effects on the Gulf of Mexico and the Coastal State Residents

We are very concerned citizens in the State of Florida who feel that we must take whatever initiative we can to address what may very well be the greatest environmental catastrophe of North America in modern history.  We know that the government cannot be relied upon to impart all the information that we need to make informed and necessary decisions.  We know that they will not respond quickly enough to this unfolding disaster or perform to the standard that is required to meet it head on.

We understand that the mainstream media can often act as a mouthpiece for both government and industry.  And that they will, and do, frequently disseminate information that is untrue, inaccurate, misleading or worse. Many of the articles posted on this blog clearly demonstrate this fact of life.   All of them provide valuable information, whether they were written today or years ago.

We aim to provide our own internet news site, video & audio archive, and information gathering & dissemination platform, most of which will be drawn from the very best that the alternative media has to offer.  This platform will include a smorgasbord of social networking tools to better serve your communication needs and goals, as well as to accommodate your new lifestyle during these rapidly changing times.

Unfortunately, we will be compelled to take a good, hard look at the underbelly of the beast that has allowed this very manmade calamity to happen.  This was not an accident. It is very much the result of explicit government policy, industry standard operating principles, and company protocols and practice.  This accident waiting to happen was the product of a highly conducive environment which every insider wondered when, and not if, an oil rig would catch fire, sink and an active well would gush untold amounts of oil into the Gulf.  In other words this PERFECT STORM was much more a conspiracy of circumstances created by man, than the act of God they would like us to believe.  We will also seriously consider what we can do to change this status quo for the benefit of all future generations.

The real good news is that, by the grace of God, we shall rise to the occasion together.  But only by being informed, realistic and initiative-oriented wherever and whenever possible. By forming this virtual online community of like-minded souls, we can all dip into the well of much collective wisdom.  And share vital knowledge and information that may very well end up being life-saving or contributing to the protection of our property.

This is meant to be a proactive, forward-thinking and interactive site accessible to folks from all over Florida, and beyond, in order that we may SHARE.  Toward that end we greatly encourage feedback and input which will serve our highest purpose. We do reserve the right to keep the conversation on track, so we ask that you keep your comments and criticisms constructive and respectful.  Above all, everyone is welcomed.  Even the execs from British Petroleum, as they will learn much from hearing our stories and listening to the many adversities that are visiting coastal land, sea, air and its precious life.

We will also function as an online support group to help and encourage and console each other in our moments of need.  Many will be processing different emotions and thoughts throughout this devastating event, and going through extremely difficult periods. Hopefully, we will all be there for each other, as we face these challenges together and overcome the formidable obstacles ahead.

May the light of awareness be shed on those areas of our life and being that allow us to make the best possible decisions and to perform the actions that serve the highest for everyone.

With Every Good Wish,

Concerned Citizens of Florida

P.S.  ”God helps those who help themselves, and others.”


  1. Hello,

    I heard Dr’s Thomas Manton and Tom Termotto on the Jeff Rense show last night (I was once invited on the Rense show). And would like to get in touch with either gentlemen directly if possible. I would like to share on behalf of a retired German military inventor a technology that may compliment the battery you spoke of yesterday. Also the German inventor created a model for capping the well in the Gulf catastrophe. I have photos that would illustrate the general idea.

    With kind regards,

    Bruce Jessop

    23558 Luebeck
    tel: +49.451.871.1087
    e-mail: bruce@ihahockey.com

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