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Ian R. Crane Named Co-Defendant in Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre


Ian R. Crane Named Co-Defendant in Lawsuit Against Deborah Dupre

Suit Alleges Conspiracy to Commit Character Defamation/Assassination by Libel and Slander

Ian R. Crane has recently been named a co-defendant in a $10 million lawsuit being filed by the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) against Deborah Dupre. The lawsuit alleges that Ian R. Crane and Deborah Dupre conspired to conduct a highly coordinated campaign of deliberate and malicious character assassination against the some of the most out-spoken members of the GOSRC, an International Citizens’ Initiative.

This lawsuit further alleges that this conspiracy was carried out by the systematic practice of character defamation through both the posting of libelous articles, newsletters, emails and comments throughout the internet, as well as by the slanderous radio interviews conducted by Crane and Dupre over the past 6+ months. The lawsuit is requesting both compensatory and punitive damages in the amount of $10 million to be paid to all injured parties.

The GOSRC has already indicated that the full amount of the compensatory and punitive damages adjudicated by the court will be used to establish a BP Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Fund. Most of the proceeds from this fund will be utilized toward the creation of a professional organization dedicated to scientifically determining the numerous medical conditions, health problems and wellness issues directly caused by the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Several parties, completely outside of the GOSRC, have likewise been injured in numerous ways by the two individuals named above, as well as by the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD), an organization co-founded by Deborah Dupre and her sister, Delia LaBarre. The lawsuit further alleges that the GCBD has been a primary platform from which much of this premeditated character assassination and consequent defamation of character has been launched.

New evidence has been received by the GOSRC which adds to Ian R. Crane’s open admission that he secretly taped the National Coordinator, an illegal act in the State of Florida. In an exchange of emails between the GOSRC and Crane, the following statement was issued by Ian Crane in response to this illegal taping of the telephone conversation: “You would of course also need to file for Extradition!” (Per Crane’s email dated April 2, 2011)

A recent Crane email to the GOSRC indicates, not only a threat to release more purposefully, defamatory material onto the internet, but also insinuates a strong intention to continue these unlawful character assassinations whenever it serves his purpose to do so. The GOSRC has made overtures to Crane to learn the truth regarding the great number of falsehoods which he, himself, is illegally disseminating.

The GOSRC has made it clear that the choice is now his; he can cease and desist his criminal behavior or suffer the consequences in the appropriate courts of law. For our part, please be advised that those of us who have been profoundly harmed by the behavior of both Deborah Dupre and Ian Crane, we will henceforth defend ourselves and our ongoing conference with great vigor and legal prowess.

An Important Message to Each Defendant:

Deborah Dupre, due to the imminence and gravity of the forthcoming court case, it is required that a full retraction of the relevant libelous article and subsequent comments (both written and verbal) which began this entire saga. Only through this necessary act of good faith on her part will the GOSRC nullify all future legal actions against her.

As for Ian R. Crane, only an immediate cessation of all factually incorrect and defamatory posts related to this matter, as well as a full retraction of his false statements made to impugn the aforementioned characters will release him from the upcoming lawsuit and all future litigation. Also, unless this recommended response is acknowledged and acted upon, an extremely aggressive internet campaign will be geared up which will be proportionately upgraded to include all of those other individuals who have likewise suffered from his highly dubious and reprehensible behavior.

CAVEAT: The internet campaign, which has only recently been initiated to implement this defensive strategy, will evolve into a multi-faceted, multi-media platform which will be used as a model for many other good people who have suffered the same fate on the world wide web. Should any reader possess additional information regarding this case, please feel free to email @

Submitted by: Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
Date: September 3, 2011

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Ian R. Crane Poses As Gulf Oil Spill Advocate

‘Journalists’ Ian Crane & Deborah Dupre destroy Gulf citizens’ movement

By Sheila Samarski

Just who is Ian R. Crane and why does he, together with the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, persist in destroying the Gulf Oil Spill citizens’ movement?  Why does a Britisher suddenly appear on the scene of the greatest environmental catastrophe in US history hawking his wares and conspiracies?

Ian R Crane hawking his Gulf oil spill products online

After many months of investigation of this British citizen – Ian R. Crane – we can report the following facts about his business, his mission and his “journalistic” practice where it concerns the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

It is very important to note that this foreign ‘journalist’ lives in the United Kingdom not too far from London, admits to being an ex-Shlumberger oilman, and makes his money from selling internet conspiracy theory (which may be true or false) about the Gulf oil spill.  The point is that this is how he earns his income, by selling videos that purport to explain away all things related to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

The following headline has appeared on many of the internet’s alternative news sites over the past 6 months:

 Ian Crane, Ex-Schlumberger Oilman, Illegally

Tapes Former GOSRC Coordinator

Here is one of the Gulf Oil Spill news sites where it can be found:

The first question anyone would ask is: Why was Ian Crane illegally and secretly taping a member – the National Coordinator no less – of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference?  What was his purpose?

In light of all the hacking and illegal behavior during the News of the World scandal in London, we now know that many journalists commit illegal actions as a matter of job performance.  That doesn’t make it right, or ethical, or appropriate in any way.  It just goes to show the rest of the world how far such a profession has strayed from legal conduct.  Of course, in this instance the question remains why Crane felt compelled to conduct illegal taping of a telephone conversation?  Who is he really working for?

During the course of researching this whole affair, it became quite evident that Crane does work very closely with members of the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD) group in NOLA.  He and Deborah Dupre, a GCBD founder and ex-board member, have apparently teamed up to character assassinate anyone who disagrees with them or their modus operandi.  Cross their path in any serious way and many agree you’re toast as far as personal destruction on the internet is concerned.

Deborah Dupre has admitted that she and her family are paid by oil companies to transport oil through pipelines which they have permitted (contracted) to run across their properties in Louisiana.  Dupre also writes for, an internet news platform which is staffed by citizen writers, all of whom are paid according to the size of their readership. has a very close partnership with Thomson Reuters, the huge media conglomerate headquartered across the street from BP International Headquarters in London.  Wait, this gets more interesting by the paragraph!

Just who are the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors and what is their MO?  Please read the following article to fully understand the damage that this organization has wrought throughout the GOM coastline advocacy groups and beyond.

BEWARE of Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre

Who are the Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors?

So, here’s the context:  We have hundreds of real citizen advocates who live all over the Gulf of Mexico coastline, and who have worked since April of 2010 to bring into the public domain whatever they could contribute toward addressing the Gulf oil spill.  They come from all different walks of life, both professionals and laypeople, and their shared passion and advocacy is assisting the rehabilitation of the GOM and its coastal environment.  After 9 months into the Gulf oil spill, here comes Ian R. Crane bullying his way into the GOM advocacy network.  Apparently he was not receiving enough publicity for his many conspiratorial narratives concerning the spill. He has lots of videos for sale and he’s not selling many of them; he just doesn’t get any traction.

So, what does he do?  He starts committing character assassinations on some of the most effective heroes of the Gulf Oil Spill to get the attention he seeks.  And, then, he starts to get the attention (advertising) he obviously craves to jumpstart his oil spill business.  So now he thinks he’s hit on a winning formula by bashing the heroes to get attention.

Whose characters does he defame?  People who have not only sacrificed their livelihoods, but in some instances their very lives.  These individuals have spent their own money, time and energy with no compensation, reimbursement or donations and have put themselves in harm’s way to reveal the truths around the oil spill.  And this is how Ian R. Crane treats them!  A businessman from outside of London brings his own wrecking ball to the Gulf after it’s been destroyed by BP et al.

Why does Ian R. Crane conduct such an unconscionable smear campaign?  Why would he persist, after months of being told the facts, in defaming the characters of those who worked tirelessly to reveal the truth about the greatest environmental disaster in North American history?  He’s not even from the USA and yet he makes money off of our tragedy and ruins the reputations of some of our best and brightest.  Why?

Ian R. Crane has started a facebook page which is entitled:

Please Like This Page & Help Expose BP’s Robert Kaluza

This entire site is basically dedicated to one of Crane’s current life missions.  For all intents and purposes Crane would have us all believe that Robert Kaluza, “one of BP’s company men on the deepwater Horizon when it exploded”, is responsible for the whole Gulf oil spill.  If you were to closely peruse his facebook page you will quickly see how many times Crane pitches his videos, dvds and other items for sale to the reader.  This site is really about one thing, and one thing only: Ian Crane selling Ian Crane’s products, and sometimes at the expense of very good, hard-working advocates.

For the uninitiated it is very important to understand that the Gulf Oil Spill is the result of countless individuals, companies, politicians, regulators, contractors, sub-contractors, citizens, Big Oil employees, Military-Industrial Complex corporations, the US Federal Government, various state governments, etc., who either didn’t do their jobs or did them so well that this oil spill was just about guaranteed to happen.  To lay the blame at the feet of one man – Robert Kaluza – or to even insinuate that he is the lynchpin (smoking gun) in such an investigation is simply ridiculous, which is just one reason why so many throughout the GOM advocacy network are profoundly offended by Crane’s dishonesty and disingenuousness.

Please understand that we are not suggesting that Robert Kaluza did not play a significant part in the lead-up to the explosion, burning and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon.  Only the evidence and proven facts can determine exactly what his role was in this very serious and consequential episode.  However, many feel Crane can no longer be trusted to ferret out the truth because of his unlawful and self-interested behavior in related matters.

Even if Crane were to lay the blame at the feet of an entire company like BP (whose actual responsibility is obvious historical fact by now and whose true criminal culpability may very well bankrupt it), his narrative would fall far short of the mark of truth.  Many of us have come to realize that when anyone pushes a story with such obvious shortcomings, there is usually an agenda.  We do know from talking to many who have read Crane’s comments and websites that he is well known for bashing those who receive more attention and publicity than himself.

The real environmental advocate cares not about how much publicity he receives because his intentions are honorable and he seeks no monetary gain or fame from his activism.  Can we say the same about an Englishman who comes into our neck of the woods and foists his theories, and products, and libelous statements into our faces?

‘Journalists’ Ian Crane & Deborah Dupre destroy citizens’ movement

Just what is their MO?  The GCBD simply label anyone who has fallen out with them an infiltrator.  Disagree with them, don’t promote them, try to break away from their influence and you are suddenly called a BP agent, COINTELPRO, psyop or some other such pejorative label.

As for Ian Crane, his favorite way of smearing anyone who he targets is to falsely accuse them of being part of the controlled opposition.   Not a very nice thing to do to lifelong environmental activists whose very lives depend on the trust and good will that has been built over a lifetime.  He is given to doing this so casually that he seems to be arrogantly unaware of the consequences of his actions.  Actions which are essentially criminal as we have seen with the News of the World hacking scandal.

As for the damage that has been inflicted on the entire Gulf of Mexico Advocacy Network, one can only imagine what will occur when highly influential and brutally honest advocates are taken down by such scurrilous and fallacious writing.  When this occurred earlier this year, one could see the many volunteer advocates flee from the scene of this Crane/Dupre crime spree so as not to be tainted by their scandalous writing.  No one wants to be tarred with the black and oily brush of the false accusation of betrayal.

What would anyone do when the most vocal and authoritative Gulf advocates are taken out with one slice of the slanderous blade?  So quickly and easily!  These two perpetrators sowed the seeds of fear and alarm so deeply that most of these folks will never come back to their respective health advocacies and environmental groups.  Others have strongly expressed an aversion to working with any environmental health advocacy groups in the foreseeable future.

Even more tragic, the libelous articles and comments disseminated by both Crane and Dupre have planted so many seeds of mistrust that, where many worked together in a collegial relationship, these quickly dissolved into distrustful interactions.  Mutual suspicion now replaced what was mutual trust throughout many of the key groups, which were making real headway with various Gulf restoration projects.

This investigative journalist has spoken to many Gulf residents, enviro groups and citizens throughout the Southeast during the past year and heard many stories about several different aspects of the BP Gulf oil spill.  Clearly, the writings of Ian R. Crane and Deborah Dupre have done more to undermine a vibrant citizens’ movement than all the other mainstream media disinformation taken together.

After viewing numerous emails from different individuals formerly associated with the GCBD, it became clear that it was the most destructive enterprise on the Gulf.  So many good people were defamed and humiliated that the word started to spread like wildfire.  Unfortunately for Ian Crane, he chose to throw fuel on the fire, when he could have worked to put it out.  True intentions do become known quite quickly under conditions of duress like the Gulf oil spill.  Many of those concerned have remarked that a fraud is very easy to spot when the situation is as desperate as it has been during this awesomely tragic oil spill.

One final point of information is that Deborah Dupre is the subject of a $10 million defamation of character lawsuit.  The suit alleges defamation of character by libelous articles which she was paid to write, as well as by slander during radio interviews she conducted.  As for Ian R. Crane, we leave you with his highly dubious and childish dare which he made to the very same Gulf advocates referred to throughout this expose.   Mr. Crane had the audacity to publish this dare in his newsletter back in April 2011 in which he was selling his latest video on the oil spill.  He showed absolutely no interest in hearing the truth or correcting the many deliberate falsehoods, which he had previously disseminated by email/newsletter as well as posted on the internet:

If these observations are inaccurate, please file the appropriate legal action!” (Per Ian Crane’s Newsletter of April 1, 2011)

Please be aware that Ian R. Crane is now under very serious investigation for the same criminal behavior as Deborah Dupre.  According to those who have been injured by Ian Crane’s actions, he is being taken up on his challenge shown above.

Mugshot of Ian R. Crane

We will end this expose with a note of appreciation for the many Gulf advocates who have literally died in the line of duty.  Some who have not been killed have continued to perform their work under death threat; others have literally been the object of attempted murder and assault.  Through the despicable actions and writings of both Ian R. Crane and Deborah Dupre these same individuals have now incurred an additional risk.  Their lives have been put into even greater jeopardy and their characters thoroughly defamed through false and malicious statements they continue to post on the internet.

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Ian Crane, Ex-Schlumberger Oilman, Illegally
Tapes Former GOSRC Coordinator

The Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference, an 11 month-old International Citizens’ Initiative, is filing criminal charges in Tallahassee, FL against Ian Crane, an ex-Schlumberger oilman.  The GOSRC has forwarded the original email to authorities in which Crane admitted to taping the former National Coordinator without his knowledge or consent.  Crane’s subsequent suspicious actions and dubious correspondence concerning the Gulf Oil Spill have caused many throughout the GOM citizen’s movement to question his motives and agenda, and therefore compel us to file these charges.

Ian Crane currently poses as an advocate of sorts whereby he often places the full responsibility of the BP Gulf Oil Spill at the feet of BP’s Robert Kaluza. Crane’s former employer, Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company that worked on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, “says its crew left the Horizon on the day of the fire”. As an ex-oilman, Crane has adopted a pattern of behavior in which many sincere Gulf advocates, who do not wholeheartedly join his cause, have become subjected to completely untrue and unwarranted derogatory statements, as well as a continuing barrage of ad hominem attacks.

By several accounts Ian Crane has teamed up with an internet writer, Deborah Dupre, who has likewise used her writing platform to vilify and persecute some of the most courageous heroes of the Gulf Oil Spill.  Dupre writes for which began a partnership with Thomson Reuters in the City of London, England.  Reuters corporate headquarters is located approximately one tenth of a mile from BP corporate headquarters in London.  Crane’s media outlet is located in Devon, England.

Dupre and members of her family also reportedly take stipends from oil transport companies which run pipelines over their respective properties in Louisiana.  She has followed a very similar pattern of conduct to Crane in which those with whom she disagrees become the object of her libelous articles and slanderous radio interviews.  Countless members of the vast network of BP oil spill have been shocked and mortified by her many unsubstantiated and groundless allegations which are found in her many ludicrous articles.

Both Crane and Dupre have been relentless in making patently false accusations against very hard-working individuals who have literally sacrificed their lives in the interest of advocating for the Gulf of Mexico and the coastline residents.  Their MO consists of labeling anyone who runs amuck with their agendas as either “controlled opposition” or infiltrators.  Many have expressed a total intolerance of their constant baseless and scurrilous attacks on good, well meaning people.

Please understand that this press release is being issued in the interest of warning all concerned parties of Ian Crane’s ongoing unethical behavior and illegal actions.  He has likewise been reported to the Tallahassee Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Formal complaints are being filed with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, as well as the State Attorney’s office in Leon County, FL.

For anyone who wants to understand how seriously the State of Florida takes the illegal taping of it citizens, please click on the following two links to get an update on the current trial of a Tallahassee woman who unlawfully taped a Leon County Commission candidate just last year.  Also, ask yourself the question, “Why is Ian Crane surreptitiously taping Gulf Oil Spill advocates?!”

Detectives Arrest Woman for Recording Commissioner

Trial delayed for Tallahassee woman charged with illegally tape recording former commissioner | | Tallahassee Democrat

For the protection of all of us from future attacks and accusations, especially from an individual who resides in Great Britain and just today emailed the following statement, we highly encourage widespread dissemination of this press release:

“You would of course also need to file for Extradition!”

Very best wishes,

Ian R Crane

Tel: +44 (0)207 558 8869
Mob: +44 (0)779 151 8740
USA: (281) 899 0207

Ian Crane, Ex-Schlumberger Oilman, Illegally

Tapes Former GOSRC Coordinator

By Dr. Tom Termotto

For all of us who live on and near the Gulf Coast of Mexico, we exist in a state that alternates between exasperation and incredulity, between anger and grief, between shock and awe at what this oil spill has come to represent. Where do we start? How do we begin to express our collective disillusionment with so many instances of betrayal and letdown? As well as the relentless falling short of what used to be considered reasonable expectations of government and corporate social responsibility.

Is it unreasonable to expect our governments – federal, state, county – to ensure that industry (Oil & Gas in this case) complies with the laws of our land. Should we be concerned that basic regulatory oversight, put into place to protect people, property and environment, was completely ignored, suspended and not enforced? Do we accept that such disasters occur through a highly unlikely series of human errors, bureaucratic mistakes, equipment malfunctions and technological breakdowns? How can everything go wrong, at the worst possible time, in the perfectly wrong place, unless … … …

The BP Gulf Oil Spill was created by man; it was not an act of God as some would have us believe. It was an utterly manmade event; not an accident or conspiracy of circumstances where fate would have everything accidentally go wrong that could go possibly go wrong. Not only have these disasters happened many times before; they will happen many more times in the future, if the status quo does not change quickly. When the prevailing mentality (Drill Baby Drill), which so dominates certain sectors of the Energy Industry, is defined by an Operate to Failure MO, what else could be expected?

Here we are on Thursday, July 8, day # 79 of this nonstop oil gusher and what has occurred to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of the people regarding an enduring solution? Let’s put aside the gushing well, as it is clear that BP and the Coast Guard are completely out of their league on that one. We’re now talking about a coordinated, deliberate and well thought out response to the polluted waters and tainted coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. What have the US Government and BP really endeavored to do in order to protect coastlines, embargo estuaries and pluck the still living marine life from the depths of this petrochemical cesspool? Have they at least released pertinent and vital information on a timely basis, which can assist many of us in our mitigation efforts?

These are our beaches, after all. We live here. We play here. We work here. For many, the Gulf is like a second back yard – a place where we go for fresh seafood and fun in the sun, on the beach and in the water. For boating and fishing, swimming and snorkeling. We go to the Gulf when we seek the peace and comfort that only the Gulf and Her beautiful beaches and wetlands can bring. And now that is all gone, with no prospect of returning in our lifetime. Truly, many are silently weeping in the privacy of their homes due to the sheer enormity and gravity of this heart-rending event.

So, where are we today? Or, where will we be tomorrow with this completely unacceptable state of affairs? More importantly, where will the BP-US Government tag team be on day # 80. Will BP still spray poisonous dispersants in and on the Gulf? Is the Coast Guard now spraying toxic dispersants from their own planes, as we have been told? Has BP relinquished any control over what is essentially a federal disaster area, as well as a crime scene – theirs. Given these facts, any official response should be legally and operationally directed by the US Federal Government?

As Dr. Thomas B. Manton, former CEO/President of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation, has wisely pointed out in his articles – British Petroleum is an oil company that makes its money drilling for and extracting oil. They are positively not in the oil spill control business, as their history clearly demonstrates. And yet the US Federal Government has given BP complete command and control over the Gulf of Mexico. For all practical purposes, a foreign multi-national corporation is enforcing Martial Law in US Territorial Waters. BP, the largest corporation in the UK, is to this day the chief component of a unified command structure from which all concerned US jurisdictions are taking orders.

Please know that British Petroleum has hired on a security staff and small paid-for-hire mercenary army that would make most small nations jealous. They allocate more time and resource in securing than they do in cleaning up. They spend more in marketing warm and fuzzy slogans around this PR disaster than they do mitigating and remediating the water and shoreline. They direct more personnel in the affected geographic area toward tasks that are peripheral to oil spill control than they do toward protecting the fragile Florida wetlands, Louisiana bayous or Alabama beaches.

Now we get to the real kicker here. The reader will find four proposals formulated by two different organizations (at the hyperlink below), which have a great interest in capping the gushing well and, at the very least, containing and capturing the leaking oil. Both groups have an equally strong desire to implement an integrated implementation plan to protect, mitigate and remediate all affected areas in the Gulf of Mexico. The challenge has been to get a response from anyone at BP, the Coast Guard, the concerned State governments or the impacted counties in North Florida, Alabama or Mississippi. These proposals have also been sent to the White House, specifically to the Office of Energy and Climate Change policy, as well as to the Co-Chair of the Gulf Oil Spill Commission Investigation.   Read More…

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Letter of Notice to the Leon County Government

June 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Alam & Mr. Thiele:

Please find attached a letter of Notification from Leon County Mosquito Control indicating an intention to spray Sumerlin Drive this Friday evening, June 4.

Leon County Administration has been put on notice several times regarding a number of residents in this subdivision who have medical conditions, which put them at great risk due to the implementation of this harmful street-spraying regime. You have in your possession documents from medical personnel, which clearly demonstrate the life-threatening medical events that can result from indiscriminately fogging our street with ANVIL, a synthetic pyrethroid and known endocrine disruptor.

In light of this documentation, as well as a recently submitted notice to file suit against the County and her agents, we hereby add the following individuals to our list of Leon County employees who will be held personally responsibly for any harm or deaths directly attributed to future street spraying. Leon County has been put on notice on many occasions about the unlawful spraying of these toxic aerosols on the properties of homeowners who have no tolerance to both the killing agents and the inert ingredients. The Leon County Commission and Staff is in receipt of copious amounts of supporting evidence directly linking various medical crises and health emergencies to these dangerous insecticides.

After a twenty years attempt to educate and inform this County about these grave matters, there are many that have developed the perception that this County operates quite like Nazi Germany. Orders are given from on high to poison the public, and there are many who dutifully execute them regardless of the effects on the citizenry. What many find so shocking is the callous disregard for human life, especially the young children the elderly and the sick, who are the most vulnerable to these noxious chemicals.

Yours is a regime of chemical tyranny that will remembered for its heartlessness and cruelty to those who have effectively have no voice in the public discourse. And when they do speak, they are shouted over by the chemical company lobbyists who effectively run these mosquito control programs around the State of Florida. Many of us are now aware that, were it not for the likes of Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Ciba Geigy et al, whose continued revenue streams are quite dependent on these countywide programs across the country, we would have thrown off this yoke of environmental contamination years ago.

As stated in our previous notice of intent to file suit: “we will hold the following Leon County employees directly responsible for reckless endangerment, criminal negligence, malfeasance, chemical assault/trespass among other serious breaches of the law” as this program continues to assault its taxpaying citizens.

1. Parez Alam, County Administrator
2. Herb Thiele, County Attorney

Very sincerely,

Board of Directors

Cc: The Honorable Bill Nelson
The Honorable George LeMieux
Governor Charlie Crist
Senator Jeff Atwater
Representative Larry Cretul
Jeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor
Robert Wheeler, General Counsel
Kathy Mears, Deputy Chief of Staff
Melinda Miguel, Chief Inspector General
Pat Gleason, Special Counsel for Open Government
Warren Davis, Director of Citizens Services
Michael W. Sole, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Charles H. Bronson, Commissioner, Florida Department of Agriculture
Ana M. Viamonte Ross, State Surgeon General, Florida Department of Health
Editor, The Gainesville Sun
Editor, Tallahassee Democrat
Editor, Miami Herald
Editor, St. Petersburg Times
Editor, Orlando Sentinel
Editor, Palm Beach Post
Editor, Florida Times Union
Editor, Tallahassee Democrat
Editor, Pensacola News Journal
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Of Counsel, Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, P.A.
Florida League of Conservation Voters
Environmental Alliance of North Florida
Floridians Against Incinerators In Disguise
HOPE (Help Our Polluted Environment)
Healthcare Professionals for Clean Environment
No Spray Coalition
Concerned Citizens of Leon County
Concerned Citizens of Jefferson County
Concerned Citizens of Gadsden County
Concerned Citizens of Wakulla County
Concerned Citizens of Florida

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Letter of Notice to Leon County Commissioners

May 26, 2010

Dear Commissioners Rackleff, Dailey & Sauls:

In light of last night’s 5 to 2 decision to revert back to the previous Mosquito Control policy and implementation procedures, it is now clear that Leon County’s superficial initiative toward a “green & clean” agenda is a mere marketing campaign – all form, no substance.  The true irony of this story was the time spent earlier in the same BOCC Meeting commending all the apparent Leon County Sustainable Initiatives.  How, pray tell, do you intend to reconcile this, and greenwash the aerosol dumping of highly toxic and harmful insecticides throughout residential subdivisions all over the County, especially when extremely ill residents have alerted the County to the life-threatening ailments that can be aggravated by such toxic exposures?

For the record, we are putting the Leon County Commission and Administration on official notice:  The County Commissioners and Staff who willfully and knowingly endanger the lives of those whose medical and health conditions put them at great medical risk, to include anaphylactic shock, which can cause death in the absence of expeditious and competent medical intervention, will be held personally accountable for their actions, as well as inaction.  

The government, be they city, county, state or federal, does not possess the legal right, statutory power or legitimate authority to poison citizens or property against their wishes.  When they exercise such power, it is only because it has illegally arrogated it unto itself.  And to do so constitutes a criminal act, be it chemical assault or chemical trespass.  Where death does occur, as a direct result of government policy and implementation in this regard, it is properly known as murder by the State, particularly when the appropriate government officials have been duly notified in advance of this potential consequence.

For the record we will be adding to the following list of names those Leon County and State of Florida government authorities and employees who engage in conduct, either directly or indirectly, that contributes to the disease or death of any individual residing in this County due to the cavalier and unlawful administration of this program.  For your information, we will hold the following Leon County Commissioners and State employee directly responsible for reckless endangerment, criminal negligence, malfeasance, chemical assault/trespass among other serious breaches of the law, should this program be reinstituted per last night’s vote. 

1. Commissioner Bob Rackleff
2. Commissioner John Dailey
3. Commissioner Janes Sauls
4. Mike Page, FL  Bureau Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control

Furthermore, on the civil side, we fully understand that each successful plaintiff will be compensated for damages up to $100,000 for each personal injury filing.  A class action suit is also being considered as we meet with the 350 plus individuals currently on the “No Spray” list, as well as the many residents who are presently signing up.  FYI, 350 times $100,000 equals $35,000,000 and does not include the cost of litigation to the County.

Should you wish to further address this matter before we take the appropriate legal actions, you may reach us at (850) 671-1444.  

Very sincerely,

Board of Directors

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Environmental and Health Impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Environmental and Health Impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Plus Necessary Resources for the Healthcare Provider

By Dr. Tom Termotto


Nothing in our shared cultural experience will prepare us better for the oncoming Black Wave throughout the Gulf of Mexico than the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska. And yet even this environmental catastrophe falls far short of what is coming around the corner in the Gulf. Alaska is not Florida, or Louisiana, or Texas. The Deep South summer here in Tallahassee, FL has been as hot and humid as any we’ve seen. This weather pattern is what will distinguish the BP Gulf Oil Spill from the Exxon Valdez just as the total volume of the spill and use of dispersants have.

The relentless cycle of low pressure systems throughout the Gulf of Mexico during the summer season is instrumental in keeping the many toxic vapors close to the surface of the Gulf, as well as the many coastal communities that rim her. We are not only talking about petroleum VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and the dispersant chemicals found in COREXIT and the hovering methane gas concentrations. We are also talking about the inevitable interactions and synergies among these chemical contaminants that produce much more powerful combinations, especially when they co-exist in such a conducive environment as the Gulf of Mexico hot and humid stewpot.

These realities in the water, and in the air, ought to be known by anyone participating in cleanup and recovery operations anywhere in the Gulf. To ignore them is to do so at great peril. The water has been polluted to a degree never seen on such a grand scale in US Territorial Waters. There simply is no precedent here. The Caspian Sea in Asia is a known petrochemical cesspool, which is so dead that all the bordering nations have given up on her and mercilessly plunder her depths for oil. How far behind is the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of this spill.

If you value your health, you ought not to eat seafood from the Gulf. If you value your health, you ought not to swim in the Gulf. If you value the health of your children, sensitive and delicate as they are during their formative stages, the affected Gulf Coast beaches are no longer a safe and healthy place on which to walk. Nor is wading in the water a safe practice until we know its true status.

The Black Wave of which we speak has many more aspects than the ones we have been hearing about in the mainstream media. There are dimensions that none have ever dared to whisper because it would mean the end of the Oil & Gas Industry for good. There are also phases of progression and retrogression of any oil spill, which will occur over the unique lifetime of this BP Gulf Oil Spill. As Mother Nature employs the tincture of time, Her ever so loyal elements will inexorably serve to heal all that requires healing on land, in the waters, and within the littoral regions to include the marshes, wetlands and estuaries. However, the process of healing will take time … perhaps a long time.

What do you get when you mix
oil & methane gas,
with oil dispersant (COREXIT),
with radioactive effluent,
with surface-burning oil slicks (petroleum+dispersant),
with lots of dead marine life of every sort and kind
in the Gulf of Mexico during a hot and humid summer?

A toxic petrochemical stew which is neither safe to eat from, nor swim in. The affected beaches, wetlands, marshes and estuaries should also be viewed with great caution, or avoided altogether.

Many in the MSM have been trumpeting the miraculous recovery of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the successful capping of the gushing oil well at the Macondo Prospect. Of course there are also those from whom common sense has not fled. Thankfully, we still have among us reasonable people who are able to utilize the human faculty of reason. We pray that there will be many others who will understand the simple facts of life in the Gulf, which has taken on an awesome toxic burden – a toxic load of various chemicals, pollutants, contaminants, and poisons that ought to be dealt with very carefully and with great circumspection.


Oil & Petroleum Derivatives:

Even though the WashPo recently published the account of 4.9 million barrels having been spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, our estimate is much closer to 9 million barrels of hydrocarbon effluent plus other components. The geyser gushed for just under 90 days, along with two other wells which gushed for a shorter period of time. Our calculation follows:

87 days X 100,000 barrels per day = 8.7 million barrels of hydrocarbon effluent (oil + methane + particulates [sand, stones, gravel, debris from deep down under])

Factoid – It only takes 1 barrel of oil to effectively pollute one million barrels of seawater.

“Crude oil has proven toxicity at 1 part per million, with constituents like benzene exhibiting genotoxicity in the parts per billion range. The dispersants have made the oil “disappear,” according to the mainstream media, and yet we have marine toxicology documents PROVING that the dispersants PREVENT the natural break…down of some constituents of the oil, e.g. the lesser soluble hydrocarbons, e.g. naphthalene.”

Petroleum and its many derivatives bio-accumulate within living organisms and will concentrate in adipose tissue in human beings. It contains many different chemical constituents that will break down, each of which possesses different levels of toxicity to marine and human life.

“Crude oil is a mixture of many different kinds of organic compounds, many of which are highly toxic and cancer causing (carcinogenic). Oil is “acutely lethal” to fish, that is, it kills fish quickly at a concentration of 4000 parts per million (ppm)[1] (0.4%). “It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife.”[2] This would be a concentration of only 1 ppm. Crude oil and petroleum distillates cause birth defects.[3]
Benzene is present in both crude oil and gasoline and is known to cause leukemia in humans.[4] The compound is also known to lower the white blood cell count in humans, which would leave people exposed to it more susceptible to infections.[4] “Studies have linked benzene exposure in the mere parts per billion (ppb) range to terminal leukemia, Hodgkins lymphoma, and other blood and immune system diseases within 5-15 years of exposure.”[5] ”
(Per Wikipedia)

“Benzene exposure at below 1 part per million (1 ppm) causes hematotoxicity in exposed workers.” (Per Gulf Oil Spill Truth)

Systems biology of human benzene exposure.

Methane Gas:

Extraordinarily high methane gas concentrations have been measured at many different locations throughout the Gulf and can migrate over Coastal communities with the right meteorological push. CH4, aka methane, can produce many symptoms depending on the concentration and duration of exposure.

What are the main health hazards associated with breathing in methane?

“Methane is not toxic below the lower explosive limit of 5% (50000 ppm). However, when methane is present at high concentrations, it acts as an asphyxiant. Asphyxiants displace oxygen in the air and can cause symptoms of oxygen deprivation (asphyxiation). The available oxygen should be a minimum of 18% or harmful effects will result. Methane displaces oxygen to 18% in air when present at 14% (140000 ppm). It is not expected to cause unconsciousness (narcosis) due to central nervous system depression until it reaches much higher concentrations (30% or 300000 ppm) – well above the lower explosive limit and asphyxiating concentrations.
Effects of oxygen deficiency are:
12-16% – breathing and pulse rate are increased, with slight muscular incoordination;
10-14% – emotional upsets, abnormal fatigue from exertion, disturbed respiration;
6-10% – nausea and vomiting, inability to move freely, collapse, possible lack of consciousness;
below 6% – convulsive movements, gasping, possible respiratory collapse and death.
Since exercise increases the body’s need for oxygen, symptoms will occur more quickly during exertion in an oxygen-deficient environment. Survivors of oxygen deprivation may show damage to some or all organs including the central nervous system and the brain. These effects may or may not be reversible with time, depending on the degree and duration of the low oxygen and the amount of tissue injury.”
(Per Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety)

Another significant environmental impact caused by methane is the rapid depletion of oxygen in the aquatic environment. This will have many adverse effects on all marine life, especially those aerobic microbes that assist in bio-degrading the petroleum. Their oil-eating effectiveness will surely be compromised, just as all other aerobic organisms will suffer due to hypoxia (insufficient oxygen).

COREXIT Dispersant:

The total volume of COREXIT dispersant released in and on the Gulf is still being hotly debated. However, in light of the intractable pattern of both non-disclosure and misinformation practiced by BP, as well as the interference run by the Coast Guard over the course of this saga, what can we believe?

Our guarded estimate of the total volume of dispersant used by BP both subsea and on the surface is fast approaching two (2) million gallons of Corexit.

The exact calculation, based upon formal reports filed as of August 2, is as follows:

Surface dispersant used: 1, 072,514 gallons
Subsea dispersant used: 771,272 gallons
Total dispersant used: 1,843,786 gallons
The following link points to an article, which contains the very telling statement:

“But some scientists say the chemical mixture, which at one point was being released at a rate of about 70,000 gallons a day, causes more harm than good, and may have contributed to huge plumes of hydrocarbons below the ocean’s surface. The fact that Corexit now seems to have been so widely used also poses the question of who, exactly, is calling the shots in the Gulf.”

Use of ‘toxic stew’ to get rid of oil brings more trouble for BP

The following article lays bare some of the greatest concerns by those in the field of toxicology. Dr. Shaw offers some invaluable toxicological perspective.

Toxicologist: Oil/Corexit mix caused heart trouble, organ damage, rectal bleeding

Dr. Shaw offered a stark analysis of Corexit 9500 in her piece for The New York Times.
“Though all dispersants are potentially dangerous when applied in such volumes, Corexit [9500] is particularly toxic,” she wrote. “It contains petroleum solvents and a chemical that, when ingested, ruptures red blood cells and causes internal bleeding. It is also bioaccumulative, meaning its concentration intensifies as it moves up the food chain.”

Speaking to CNN on Friday, her message was a bit more dire.
“It ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding and liver and kidney damage,” Dr. Shaw said. “This stuff is so toxic — combined, it’s not the oil alone, it’s not the dispersant — the dispersed oil that still contains this stuff, it’s very, very toxic and it goes right through skin.”

Factoid: COREXIT’s interaction with petroleum is particularly troubling in that dispersed oil causes a much higher rate of mortality in fish than either the oil or dispersant alone. As compared with only oil, Corexit-laden oil is four times more lethal; dispersed oil is ten times more deadly than the dispersant alone. (See detailed analysis below)

Radioactive Hydrocarbon Effluent:

Then there is the radioactive component of the hydrocarbon effluent that comes from mantle-generated abiotic oil (See link below) and which irrefutably possesses higher levels of radium isotopes. The deeper the petroleum reserves, the more likely the reservoirs of oil and methane in those geological formations will contain uranium, thorium or radium. Given the elevated levels of radioactivity at the source, the level of radioactivity associated with the hydrocarbon effluent coming out of the well will inevitably be impacted.

“OPERATE TO FAILURE”: How BP’s MO & The US Addiction To Oil Caused The Catastrophe Of The Millennium

It is very important to note that the American Petroleum Institute acknowledges the existence of radium in the development of oil and gas prospects. Their website prescribes very specific standard operating procedures when certain levels of radioactivity are measured on site or in the equipment. The seriousness of this matter can pertain to any oil and gas drilling and development operations anywhere in the world.

Radium isotopes have inherent health risks that ought to be identified and properly disseminated. The concerned resident of the Gulf Coast may want to initiate him/herself in the area of health impacts due to long-term exposure to low grade radioactivity. Of course, the seafood, the waters and the beaches all provide different vehicles for such contamination to take place, each with varying consequences.

Oil Burned On The Surface Of The Gulf:

It has been estimated that 11.1 million gallons of oil have been burned on the surface of the Gulf thus far. The resulting aerosolizing of the hydrocarbon chemical constituents, along with the dispersant chemical constituents will produce vectors of dissemination that must be further studied. Such a high concentration of harmful airborne chemicals and contaminants, especially if there is a radioactive component, could pose a great health risk to all life residing downwind from the surface oil-burning activity.

We could even see similarities to Gulf War Syndrome experienced by US Service Members who were downwind from the burning oil fields in Kuwait.

Parallels to Gulf War Syndrome:

After the First Gulf War in Iraq, many service members returned home only to be plagued by what came to be known as Gulf War Syndrome. As a matter of fact, there were so many different variants of this syndrome, depending on the service members time and place of duty (and therefore exposures), that many healthcare practitioners recognized a Gulf War Syndrome I, II, III and so on. Each one had it own unique signatures that produced different symptoms and illnesses.

The most serious result of Gulf War Syndrome variants were the numerous instances where the veterans subsequently had children who were deformed or who had defects that were directly the result of genetic mutation. Could a toxic cocktail of pre-war vaccinations and exposure to oil well fires produce such an effect so quickly? Not likely, unless there was much more to (and in) the vaccine regimen that we do not know. However there is one thing we have learned about the development of oil and gas reserves which we did not know until recently.

There is a radioactive component found within geological formation from where oil and gas are pulled. This fact has been scientifically documented by the American Petroleum Institute, as well as by many petroleum engineers, geologists and scientists from around the world for many years. Curiously it is rarely ever talked about and even denied in some circles, as it would have probably caused the demise of the entire industry.

It now appears that the US service members who suffered the most, and especially those who bore children with unusual and inexplicable defects were directly exposed to radioactive hydrocarbons. When Saddam Hussein ordered the destruction of the oil and gas wells by setting them on fire, Iraq was transformed into a sort of Oil & Gas Armageddon. Whoever was present was exposed to these toxic and potentially radioactive fumes. And since they were breathed in, it translated to a much quicker physical manifestation in the human body. Ultimately the black, acrid smoke would find numerous vectors of dissemination, which would allow the toxic constituents to settle on the ground, on the vegetation and food, and in the water bodies and courses.

The consequent aerosol toxic brew is certainly one that is not too unlike what is occurring this very moment throughout the Gulf of Mexico. As BP et al. has taken to burning the many oil slicks and oil plumes that are being aggregated, we see a very similar set of circumstances, which could very well contribute to a future BP Gulf Oil Spill Syndrome.

Dead & Contaminated Marine Life Working Its Way Up The Gulf’s Food Chain:

Lastly, we have a Gulf of Mexico that is replete with dead organisms both microscopic (phytoplankton) and leviathan (whales). This does include plant and animal life of great diversity. Vast swaths of the food chain have been toxified and poisoned by the current petrochemical brew, which by all appearances may appear to be normal. However….

This is where it takes a seasoned observer and astute investigator applying all the necessary scientific process and procedure to accurately diagnose the true condition of this traumatized body of water. All chemicals don’t merely break down instantaneously, as we often hear from the Oil & Gas Industry wordsmiths. As a matter of fact, many are ultimately reduced to such a state that they will have no where to go but to bio-accumulate within the tissues of living organisms. These various chemicals are currently being evaluated for their degree of toxicity and reactivity in vivo (within living organisms).

There is no question that, given the total volume of oil and dispersant currently in the Gulf, there will inevitably be substantial and dire consequences to the entire food chain. Particularly as the larvae at the bottom of this chain pick up the various chemicals and contaminants, and are subsequently eaten by larger and then larger marine animals, we will see threats emerge to that segment of the human population which continues to eat the seafood from the Gulf. GREAT time to become a vegetarian!

Deep South Weather Pattern:

We are in the throes of an extremely hot and humid weather pattern here in the Deep South. The Low Pressure Systems forming over the Gulf of Mexico have been relentless since the BP Gulf Oil Spill first began. These are characterized by low cloud cover, little air movement, high humidity and very hot conditions which make it ideal for aerosolized chemicals and toxins to hang close to the surface of the Gulf. This predominant weather pattern has created a very hospitable environment for an exacerbation of the many symptoms associated with the aforementioned chemical exposures.

The blood brain barrier is a “chemical labyrinth that prevents toxins and viruses in the bloodstream from reaching the brain”. However, this layer is only four cells thick around the olfactory nerve, where it is more tenuous and not an integral barrier. This very delicate and attenuated structure in the nasal system will therefore provide a point of entry into the brain for harmful toxins which are airborne. For those out on the Gulf who are exposed to VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the air, they ought to have respirators around any oil cleanup operations. Not to wear one utilize puts their health in peril, which can manifest in the following ways:

Health Effects
“Eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches, loss of coordination, nausea; damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system. Some organics can cause cancer in animals; some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans. Key signs or symptoms associated with exposure to VOCs include conjunctival irritation, nose and throat discomfort, headache, allergic skin reaction, dyspnea, declines in serum cholinesterase levels, nausea, emesis, epistaxis, fatigue, dizziness.
The ability of organic chemicals to cause health effects varies greatly from those that are highly toxic, to those with no known health effect. As with other pollutants, the extent and nature of the health effect will depend on many factors including level of exposure and length of time exposed. Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory impairment are among the immediate symptoms that some people have experienced soon after exposure to some organics.”
(Per US Environmental Protection Agency)

Parallels to 911 Toxic Dust Syndrome:

The many first responders who showed up at the 911 rubble pile in NYC suffer from a unique malady known as 911 Toxic Dust Syndrome. And although it has yet to be officially recognized by the US Federal Government, it has a specific set of baseline symptoms which are exhibited by many, even those who were present when the Twin Towers came down. There are many who lived and worked in the same general vicinity who also experience symptoms to this day.

The health and medical records of many first responders who have passed away since 911 will also reveal that they exhibited none of these unique symptoms prior to 911. Therefore, many of these deaths were caused directly by a disease process that was triggered by their exposure to the aerosolized toxic dust that came to permeate a large swath of lower Manhattan. These same records will also reveal a similar pattern of health issues and medical diagnoses which is very similar to those who are still living with the
pain and suffering associated with 911 TOXIC DUST SYNDROME.

One of the real tragedies of the 911 saga is that the EPA assured the people of NYC, and especially the cleanup workers, that everything was okay with air quality when it was obvious to everyone else in the world that it was not okay. If it sounds familiar then it is probably because you either read or heard the following story.

Here’s one of the most recent examples of deliberate disinformation, misinformation and false information disseminated by the corporate/government/media juggernaut regarding the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The new and improved BP PR Campaign that is addressing the environmental health aspects of this oil spill has gone into full gear in order to assure everyone that everything is okay. BP’s COO, Doug Suttles is quoted as follows:

“BP’s chief operating officer sought to give the southern US fishing industry a much-need boost Sunday, saying he’d “absolutely” eat Gulf of Mexico seafood after the massive oil spill devastated the region.”

BP executive ‘absolutely’ would eat Gulf seafood

We, here at the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference in Tallahassee, FL, would very much like to audit the actual seafood sources from which Mr. Suttles takes his daily lunch and evening supper over the next twelve months. We would also ask that he partakes of at least one meal a day which includes seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, specifically from within a one hundred mile radius of the Macondo Prospect. At the end of the first year we will have our physicians standing by to conduct either an autopsy or the appropriate pathology procedures that would be required at that point of evolution of the most likely diseases to be caused by oil and COREXIT poisoning.

Interactions, Synergies, & Dangerous Combinations:

The area of research that studies the effects of different combinations of these chemical constituents is at an alarmingly rudimentary stage of development. Therefore, we really do not know the long-term effects of the various chemicals that, through synergistic interactions, can ramp up their level of toxicity in living organisms. Because we are particularly concerned about the deleterious effects to human life, it may be very difficult to ever assess these health risks. Who among us would avail our person to such exposures for the sake of testing?

We can make the following three (3) statements about oil, dispersant (Corexit 9500) and dispersed oil per the EPA website link that follows:

(1) 10.72 parts per million (ppm) of oil alone will kill 50% of the fish test species in a normal aquatic environment within 96 hours.
(2) 25.20 parts per million of dispersant (Corexit 9500) alone will kill 50% of the fish test species in a normal aquatic environment within 96 hours.
(3) 2.61 parts per million of dispersed oil (Corexit-laden) alone will kill 50% of the fish test species in a normal aquatic environment within 96 hours.

National Contingency Plan Product Schedule Toxicity and Effectiveness Summaries

“Crude oil has proven toxicity at 1 part per million, with constituents like benzene exhibiting genotoxicity in the parts per billion range. The dispersants have made the oil “disappear,” according to the mainstream media, and yet we have marine toxicology documents PROVING that the dispersants PREVENT the natural break…down of some constituents of the oil, e.g. the lesser soluble hydrocarbons, e.g. naphthalene.” (Per Gulf Oil Spill Truth)

Biodegradation of Dispersed Oil Using COREXIT 9500

As you can see from the above statements, there is a very definite synergistic effect that directly results from the interaction between the oil and dispersant. Together they create a much more toxic environment, and should be considered very seriously when seafood is known to be coming from those locations.
Are there other more dangerous combinations to be aware of? We don’t know and toxicologists usually study isolated chemical compounds rather than researching the results of their various combinations.
Moral of the Story: What we do not know may hurt us. And in some cases it may take years to show up as a symptom or a disease. Perhaps it is better to err on the side of caution where it concerns our precious health.

This state of affairs also illustrates how unintended consequences, collateral damage and toxic side effects all collide in a rather finite system called the Gulf of Mexico with far-reaching ramifications. Contrary to what the BP spinmeisters convey to the media and government, the Gulf IS full of oil. Because some of it has been dispersed into tiny droplets, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Because much of the spilled oil exists in many different locations, as well as in different conditions, and is out of sight, out of mind, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Oil doesn’t just disappear, as some would have us believe!
(1) The pools on the undersea floor are under extremely high pressure and very low temperature, and therefore require a uniquely creative solution.
(2) The plumes at, above and below the midline exhibit there own behavior and challenges.
(3) The surface plumes, oil slicks and screens are more easily addressed except when they migrate into the wetlands, marshes and littoral regions. These predicaments pose great challenges no matter what the solutions, especially when they coat the beaches, as the sun and heat and gravity encourage the oil to sink into the sand as it did in Prince William Sound, Alaska after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

Here’s what Admiral Thad Allen of the Coast Guard BP Oil Spill Response Team said about the difficulty of dealing with oil accumulations scattered throughout the Gulf:

“What we have is an aggregation of hundreds of thousands of patches of oil and the challenge is to find out where they are at right now because they are widely dispersed,” said U.S. spill response chief Thad Allen.
Pressed further on the patches, Allen relented: “Maybe patches is a misnomer on my part. What we’re seeing are mats, patties, small concentrations, very hard to detect, but they’re out there.”

Obvious Health and Medical Impacts:

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska showed us the most obvious health impacts that will inevitably occur wherever there are many communities affected directly by the spilt oil, methane releases, wanton use of dispersants, contaminated seafood, denial by government and oil company alike, etc. The greatest lesson learned from that catastrophic oil spill was the unanticipated and long lingering psychological impacts which only intensified with time right up to this very day. So profound and devastating were these psychological effects, that the very social, economic and political fabric of a vast area of Alaska was forever altered.

People will no doubt show up, as they always do, to help the process of getting things back to normal. However, normal will never return in our lifetimes, and we should therefore seek to protect ourselves from all that can do harm, and will do harm in several different ways. Certainly protection of our families and friends, home and property, businesses and other possessions ought to be a high priority for all concerned. However, it is the stability of our mental state, emotional attitude, and general psychological posture which deserves the most attention. Maintaining a positive and refreshed outlook each and every day is of paramount importance.

At the end of the day the mental and emotional health repercussions of the BP Gulf oil spill disaster will be the most challenging as it was in Alaska. From all with whom we have spoken, we have heard the same litany of mental and emotional problems which seem to surface wherever the Black Wave appears. As the social fabric slowly tears, so do the many support systems upon which we all rely weaken, especially during these already quite tumultuous and challenging times.

Most of these mental and emotional health repercussions will appear as psychological maladies that typically emerge from many different forms of loss, and especially the unresolved grief associated with such unexpected and jolting loss. Loss of job, loss of business, and loss of financial security are some examples. So are loss of health, loss of relationships, and loss of access to the beach. We also see loss of home, loss of a way of life and loss of traditional foods. Fisherman can no longer go out in their boats; beachgoers forgo their morning shelling routine; joggers take to the pavement instead of the sand.

There are numerous symptoms, ailments and illnesses that are the direct result of exposure to an oil spill which can be gleaned from various sources. Some of these resources have been provided by organizations that have been directly involved with oil spill mitigation and remediation. In some cases they have been able to closely follow the development of disease in any given population, which was exposed to many of the same chemical contaminants that are found at different oil spill sites throughout the world.


Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards

BLACK WAVE: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez

Minimizing Adverse Health Effects Through Transparency & Intelligent Mitigation Responses

Gulf Oil Spill Truth

We have before us a defining moment in American history. An entire region of the country has been beset with a manmade environmental catastrophe, the effects of which will be felt for generations. How do we respond to the Black Wave? How de we deal with a foreign, multi-national corporation that is as addicted to drilling for oil as it is to deception?! How do we respond to the Federal Government that demonstrates a similar pattern of disinformation?!

We ask these questions in the face of the many health and medical impacts that are most assuredly coming down the pike. More than ever we need our focus and energy directed at the real health challenges and subsequent medical issues which will emerge if we are not aware and well informed. Where there is true and accurate information, there can be informed and wise decisions about how we can continue to live our lives in a healthy manner along the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Tom Termotto, BCIM, DCAE
National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

By Sayer Ji

Kathy Termotto is a resident of Leon County, Florida who has pleaded with the Leon County Commission (LCC) for over 15 years to stop spraying her home and property in the Orchard Walk Subdivision of Tallahassee with an insecticide known as ANVIL. She has appealed to the Governor, Charlie Crist, as well as to the Florida Departments of Health, Agriculture and Environmental Protection, all to no avail. This Friday evening the Leon County Mosquito Control will once again spray her street by ejecting a toxic chemical aerosol which contains a known endocrine disrupter – the synthetic pyrethroid named Sumithrin.

Ms. Termotto has sent her medical records, letters from her physicians, letters from her attorneys, as well as volumes of information pertaining to the various diseases and serious symptoms associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Environmental Illness Syndrome (EIS), both of which she currently suffers from. Even the Leon County Health Department has turned a deaf ear to her plight knowing that such a severe allergy to pyrethrums could develop into a case of anaphylactic shock – a life-threatening condition that can be fatal if competent medical intervention does not arrive in a timely fashion.

Earlier this year the LCC saw the wisdom of setting up a one-quarter mile buffer zone around the properties of homeowners who have no tolerance for these extremely harmful mosquito control street-spraying regimes. After just a few months of implementing this well thought out pilot program, the LCC Chairman, Bob Rackleff, had his aide, Kate Brady, call Ms. Termotto to inform her that the policy must be reversed in light of an election threat which the Chairman felt could be influenced by his principled stand on protecting his most vulnerable constituents like Ms. Termotto.

To her dismay the Chairman then collaborated with two other Leon County Commissioners, John Dailey and Jane Sauls, at the May 2010 meeting to overturn this medically necessary program, which was fifteen years in the making, without her even being informed that this item was being put back on the agenda. Whereas Ms. Termotto does understand that such a public betrayal is politics as usual, she wonders how the infants and children, pregnant mothers and their unborn, and the elderly and chronically ill will be protected by such a selectively barbaric and inhumane county program. The big question, however, is the one she directs to the LCC, “When is the Commission going to address this medical crisis for the many citizens in Leon County who suffer from MCS, EI Syndrome and serious chemical allergies?”

When asked about her predicament, Ms. Termotto responds with the following questions: “If Chairman Bob Rackleff’s wife had a similar hyper-allergic reaction to these chemicals, do you think Parwez Alam, the Leon County Administrator, would allow those trucks to get within a mile of Rackleff’s home? I don’t think so.” She goes on to ask, “How would Commissioners Dailey and Sauls vote on this matter if either of their children could be incapacitated and sent to the local emergency room because of the indiscriminate, systematic, and wide-area spraying of these noxious chemicals in their neighborhoods?”

Ms. Termotto gave public comment at the May meeting wherein she articulated the obligation of the County Commission to protect those citizens who are at great medical risk. She was particularly appalled by the testimony of Mike Page, Chief of the Florida Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control, who mislead the entire commission about the very existence of MCS and similar ailments associated with exposure to these dangerous chemicals. Ms. Termotto observes that, “He didn’t even have the most basic qualifications to speak on matters concerning the medical conditions and health repercussions caused by these poisonous chemicals!” She went on to state that she was not aware that public servants could be allowed to deliver such knowingly false statements in an official public forum such as a formal Leon County Commission Meeting.

Ms. Termotto does go on the record to express her full support for mosquito control that is truly responsible and effective, non-toxic to human life, and much less expensive to the taxpayers. The County was on track to institute such new procedures, but was steered back into the same antiquated chemical regimen that has repeatedly proven its inefficacy and harm to people and the environment. She also goes on to cite the many instances where highly authoritative experts from the scientific community have similarly weighed in on this ongoing public health disaster.

For instance, Ms. Termotto points to peer-reviewed scientific studies and other published literature from academia that contains conclusive evidence which demonstrates that super-strains of mosquitoes will always emerge when the same chemicals are utilized year after year. Many scientists also point out that many non-target and benevolent insect species, with much longer larval cycles than the mosquito, will be killed as collateral damage, thus eliminating many of the most voracious predators of mosquitoes such as the dragonfly. She wonders out loud, “How much more toxic chemical will they have to spray after they have killed all the dragonflies?!”

In the end, Ms. Termotto is only asking that her home and property not be sprayed against her rights, and wishes, by the County. She rightfully points out that “we all have a fundamental right not to be sprayed by the county mosquito control programs currently in operation throughout the State. Does anyone have the right to walk onto your property and indiscriminately spray toxic chemicals wherever they wish? We think not. Should they do so, repeatedly, they might end up in an institution for the criminally insane!”

Sayer Ji is the Corporate Educator at For Goodness Sake, the Nutrition Director at the Naples Birth Center, the Founder of and the National Coordinator for Testing the Waters – a Citizen’s Initiative addressing the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Posted by: Site Administrator | July 29, 2010

BIOMASS INCINERATORS – Separating Fact from Fiction

“Biomass incineration is NOT clean and green, it’s not sustainable and

truly renewable; it’s not carbon neutral, not cost effective;

and it’s neither environmentally friendly nor ecologically sound.”

By Dr. Tom Termotto

Shall we begin by stating that biomass incinerators are rarely, if ever, factually represented by the many sales pitches we see issued by the Energy Industry sector that promotes them. In fact, the marketing language that has now become de rigueur is reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

To the point, biomass incineration is NOT clean and green, sustainable and renewable, carbon neutral and cost effective, or environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. It is quite the opposite of these beautiful and alluring marketing slogans. Biomass incineration is in reality quite polluting, unsustainable to the extreme and, in some cases, less environmentally friendly than coal burning plants.

Remember the old-fashioned hospital incinerator that nobody ever wanted to live downwind from. Who would want mercury vapors, and the many other highly toxic aerosols, wafting through their neighborhood? Well, then, why would a community want a biomass incinerator sited within winds’ reach of their schools, subdivisions and businesses. The post incineration output of these biomass plants can be much worse than a hospital’s depending on what is being incinerated.

Let’s not forget the golden rule of energy production: “Garbage in; garbage out”. Ultimately the permitting process for these incinerators often allows for the burning of various types of refuse and other feedstocks, which will necessarily degrade air quality. A close look at any state air permit application for these biomass plants will reveal a mix of carcinogens, toxins, pollutants, contaminants and poisons that is really quite alarming.

As we have evaluated the emission estimates of various pollutants, which have been submitted by the very biomass companies themselves, we wonder how they make the leap across the chasm to such environmentally attractive sound bites. Let’s be clear about the assortment and type of contaminants which will inevitably show up in the surrounding air of these biomass plants. As follows:
(1) Dioxins and Furans (2) Particulate Matter – 10.0, 2.5 and 1.0 microns (3) Hydrogen Chloride (4) Nitrogen Dioxide (5) Carbon Monoxide (6) Hydrogen Sulfide (7) Sulfur Dioxide (8) Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) (9) Mercury, Lead and Arsenic (10) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) such as benzene, toluene and naphthalene

One can only imagine the harmful effects to human and animal life that these pollutants will cause in those unfortunate cities and counties that have succumbed to the governmental and energy industry forces, which routinely foist these schemes on an uninformed public. What follows is a quote from the Healthcare Professionals For Clean Environment in their letter to Governor Charlie Crist of Florida regarding a proposed biomass incinerator for Gadsden County, FL.

“As you know full well, biomass incinerators of this type will produce extraordinary amounts of air pollution to include dioxin, one of the most toxic and carcinogenic organic chemicals released into the environment by industry. In addition, this incinerator will be 0.3 tons (according to the ADAGE permit application submitted to DEP) shy of being a major source of a particular hazardous air pollutant (hydrogen chloride) according to the FL DEP’s own regulatory guidance concerning the 10 ton threshold for any single air pollutant. This incinerator will also significantly contribute to the total particulate matter volume which already plagues much of North Florida. We are compelled to point out that particulate matter (PM) concentration directly correlates with a whole host of upper respiratory ailments to include sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, as well as the common cold. More serious respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, sarcoidosis, pleurisy and adult respiratory distress syndrome are all greatly aggravated by the various pollutants emitted from biomass plants. Chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD, CREST, asthma, bronchitis, reactive airway disease, as well as numerous inhalant allergies will likewise see an increase wherever these irritants exist above certain thresholds. Likewise, illnesses such as influenza and its many seasonal variants will always be exacerbated when the ambient air is fouled by these particulates and chemical emissions.”

The profound medical repercussions and health impacts of this form of incineration and crude energy production cannot be overstated. Medical organizations from around the country have been weighing in on this matter for as long as biomass marketeers have been submitting their sales literature to the many small, economically depressed communities that are vulnerable to such ill-conceived proposals. The twenty to thirty long-term jobs, which are created by these biomass propositions, will be taken by many who will inevitably experience dangerous levels of exposure to the aforementioned chemicals. Therefore, they will suffer adverse health conditions, which will then contribute to the local medical burden, as well as significantly increase the healthcare costs associated with lifelong remediation.

In an age when the nation is moving toward more enlightened energy platforms concerning production, dissemination and utilization, it is quite anachronistic that some would have us go back to the Stone Age. Burning trees and the like is, after all, what was done before there was solar, wind, oil and gas, coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric power. Why in the world, with a global population approaching 7 billion, would we want to go back to energy sources that are as primitive as they are downright dirty?!

Dr. Tom Termotto, BCIM, DCAE
Member – Floridians Against Incinerators in Disguise
President, Healthcare Professionals for Clean Environment
Co-Founder, Concerned Citizens of Florida

Posted by: Site Administrator | June 23, 2010

BLACK WAVE: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez

    Dear Residents of the Gulf Coast,

    We recently “sat down” with both the director and producer of BLACK WAVE: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez. This unparalleled documentary portrays a 20 year retrospective of the tearing of the social, economic and political fabric that took place in the wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in the once pristine Prince William Sound, Alaska. The awesome synchronicity around the debut of BLACK WAVE is quite extraordinary given the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Robert Cornellier, Director, and Paul Carvalho, Co-writer/Producer, have made it their life’s work to shed light on the ravages of the Oil & Gas Industry as it operates worldwide. They have succeeded in capturing on film what no other person or media has done in modern times. To call this documentary a great triumph of both art and science, of both film and advocacy, would be a gross understatement. Paul and Robert have brought to film in the most poignant and compelling way the real consequences to real people who find themselves in the throes of life after an oil spill, aka as the Black Wave.

    Both director and producer have already done some exploratory shooting on the Gulf coast video-documenting the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill. This initiative signals their commitment to continue assisting the world community work through the myriad challenges and obstacles, which have already begun testing the State of Louisiana. Knowing that Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida are also targets of the Black Wave, they have offered to come to the Gulf States to share what they have learned, and to receive what we have to offer from our real time experiences. This is about shaping a virtual response to an unprecedented disaster, as it unfolds before our eyes. In this way, we will all be more prepared to address the many issues which this oil spill will be confronting us with for years to come.

    Please join us in welcoming Paul and Robert as they tour the Gulf of Mexico coastline and avail themselves to our needs and concerns. They are experts of the first order, and have only the interests of the people of the Gulf States at heart.

    Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for your selfless service and generosity of spirit. We are forever indebted to you, and look forward to the time when we may reciprocate in kind.

    With every good wish,

    Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator
    Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (International Citizens’ Initiative)
    Tallahassee, FL

    The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez
    The epic struggle of the fishers of Cordova, Alaska, for recognition of the true human and environmental impact of the biggest environmental disaster in North American history and for fair compensation by Exxon. Profiling Alaska marine biologist Riki Ott and the people of Cordova.

    Directed by Robert Cornelier, Writtten by Robert Cornelier and Paul Carvalho.
    Produced by Paul Carvalho and Robert Cornelier for Macumba Films.

    Broadcast on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the spill (March 2009) on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Nature of Things with David Suzuki and on Radio-Canada’s Découverte.

    Nominated for 2 Gemeau and 2 Gemini awards.
    Winner, Best Director – Robert Cornellier, 2009.

    Distributed by Film Transit. Broadcast by ABC (Australia) and Planet Green (USA).



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